5 Digital fashion brands that will surprise you

The digitization of companies is an irrevocable necessity – here we tell you about 5 digital fashion brands you’ll love!

«our bodies are becoming fluid, our money is becoming decentralized, new powers are forming.» Amber Jae Slooten, creative director of The Fabricant.

The use of new technologies is increasing and has opened up a new world of possibilities in terms of the creation of new fashion proposals. In addition, the development of a future metaverse increases the potential that exists in the development of virtual clothing. 

Here are 5 digital fashion brands and companies you can’t miss!

1.- The Fabricant

This was one of the first brands that saw in virtual clothing the potential to adapt pieces to all bodies and incidentally, to join devices and technology to clothing in a face-to-face way. 

It is a digital fashion house that seeks to build decentralized fashion to dress the citizens of the metaverse and create a more equitable, creative, and sustainable industry. 

One of its features is the ability to co-create pieces with the best 3-D artists, brands and creators in the world by customizing their pieces using exclusive digital fabrics and finishes created for the platform.  These creations can be sold on its marketplace dividing the profits among all involved creating a fair and traceable system. 

2.- XR Couture

XR Couture is an international digital fashion platform founded in 2020. 

It arises as a response to the pandemic with the intention of helping the elimination of waste produced by the fashion industry by harnessing the power of technology.

They also address the need for new influencers to create relevant content in times of pandemic. 

Customers can receive a virtual image with hyper-realistic fashion pieces that look as if they were custom-made. 

Today XR Couture collaborates with digital artists and multidisciplinary designers who provide interesting creations aligned with sustainable values.  

A great tool of the platform is the possibility to upload different photos for the same order. This way experts will select the best fit for the piece you have chosen so that the result is the best. 

3.- Hot: Second

HOT:SECOND will be the first store with a circular economy concept exchanging physical products for digital experiences. 

To access the digital experience guests must donate a piece with which they will get a token to access these spaces and have 3 to 5 minutes to try on a spectrum of digital pieces from haute couture to sportswear. 

This retail model hopes to bring the physical and digital experience closer together to create unique and provocative experiences.

It will be open at Protein Studios in Shoreditch from Tuesday 19 to Thursday 21 November 2022. 

Founder Karinna Nobbs collaborated with innovation studio Holition and 3D artist Emily Switzer to give visitors access to an immersive digital experience with digital fashion pioneers such as The Fabricant, Carlings/VIRTUE and RÆBURN.

4.- Auroboros

This digital fashion house based on logos mixes science and technology with physical pieces of haute couture. 

Their work is distinguished by an extraordinary design that has led them to be the first registered brand to present 100% digital fashion at Fashion Week in London.

Their designs use a visual language of nature interpreted from technological tools and software, which is why Auroboros is so different.

Pioneers in the «naturtech» category where their spectacular design is inspired by nature, especially in the textures generated from biomimetics and projecting us to utopian worlds. 

5.- Dress X

DressX is one of the most recognized digital fashion marketplaces for selling pieces of famous contemporary brands.

This Californian company was launched in August 2020 and is 100% dedicated to selling fashion that exists only digitally. 

Its mission is based on the idea that we already exceed the number of pieces that we globally need and that it is important to prioritize sustainable manufacturing systems or even those that simply imply not to manufacture more products. 

Its operation consists of the purchase of an Item where the user must upload a photograph on which a team of 3-D expert engineers will adjust the digital piece in a period of 34 hours giving you a picture where you are «using» the piece.

DressX has an app where you can try on the garments with augmented reality before buying the look you like best.

Undoubtedly the approach of a possible metaverse as well as the importance of digitization coupled with a context where sustainability pushes us to seek new solutions is a great opportunity for the company.


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