Circular economy and reverse logistics

If you are starting in the online sector or want to implement reverse logistics to reduce costs and increase sales this article will help you.
Here we will talk about what is reverse logistics, why it is important and keys to improve the reverse logistics of your online store.

What are reverse logistics?
They are those processes responsible for returning products or materials from the point of destination to the point of origin.
This can occur from returns or waste material.
Since the rise of online systems and businesses, it is important to consider that returns are not something that we can eliminate 100%. They will always exist in some percentage within our business. This is one of the many reasons why it is important to consider reverse logistics systems that allow you to offer flexible, economical, simple, or even free returns that favor user confidence in your business, increase your sales or even the repurchase rate.
An optimized reverse logistics system gives you the possibility to reduce costs, improve the customer’s view of the business and make your supply chain more economically and environmentally sustainable.
Another way to apply reverse logistics is the reuse of returned products, repairing, reconditioning or supra-recycling to reuse the raw material of those products that cannot be sold so that we can create more profitability in our business with a maximum utilization of resources.

The first step to start with a reverse logistics program that allows you to automate everything possible from the generation of shipments, management, tracking, returns, or incidents reducing the internal workload and giving greater autonomy and security to your customers.
For this there are software and companies that provide services for online stores and can automate and optimize the entire process that is triggered after a sale.
On the other hand, a great example of the application of reverse logistics systems for the reinvention and resale of products is Mud Jeans.
Mud jeans is a denim company with a unique system where reverse logistics plays an important role. Mud jeans offers consumers the possibility of renting jeans so that they have access to new models at a rental cost where they can return and exchange their jeans for others whenever they wish.
Mud jeans receives the products from rental users repairing and maintaining their use for as long as possible, in this way a single pair of jeans is used many more times extending its useful life and mitigating its environmental impacts while generating a very good profit for the company and an affordable price for the consumer.
Today we have the possibility to rethink the systems by which we sell and market fashion to create positive impacts not only from the redesign or responsible design of products but of the ecosystems we create to give access to them.

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