Consumer trends for 2023

Trends are patterns that occur in cultural and/or social practices, as well as consumption processes that manifest themselves as cyclical phenomena. 

Trends can be applied in different industries and media from fashion, architecture, interior design, technology, among others, and can reinvent themselves and adapt.

Year after year, large portals, blogs, magazines, trade fairs and other media dedicated to the analysis of these behaviors forecast changes in consumer habits that will affect future markets.

4 consumer profiles for 2023

Here are some of the consumer trends for 2023 according to the British study WGSN in its report The Consumer of the Future 2023: 

WGSN emphasizes the need for change and rapid adaptation of brands to the change represented by digitalization and new social phenomena.

This report segments the consumer of the future into 4 main profiles: 

The foresightful

This couple of years has meant a strong blow for many people, after years of confinement, losses, economic crisis among others, this consumer is under a scenario of emotional fatigue. 

The current economic uncertainty and a somewhat distorted perception of time is projected on cautious consumers looking for products and services that give them security and stability.

The recommendation is to bet on innovations such as low-order technology, pre-sales or subscriptions, weekly delivery programs or systems that provide a guarantee, as well as new loyalty models.


This profile is driven by 2020 frustration and anger following the lack of government assistance. 

They are characterized by an activist soul with a strong motivation to improve the world through technology. 

Values such as diversity will have a strong focus so a great strategy to link with the needs of this consumer is to develop propositions that invite action, progress and genuine change. 

Cross-cultural, inclusive products with manufacturing proposals related to transparency and fair trade will appeal to this audience. 

The new romantics

This consumer is driven by a strong need for passion, euphoria, and reconnection with their emotions. 

With this we can link products or services that facilitate the creation of internal and external emotional bonds.  Likewise, a proposal that generates sensory moments or allows to reinforce wellbeing will be a great option.

There is a search for a new sense of collectivity and connection. Likewise, the new reality after the pandemic and the rethinking of work schemes has generated a migration from the city to the countryside or a search for green cities with a renewed idea of the local community.

Another idea to link with this consumer are products made of natural materials and with sustainable proposals.

The energizers

This group is distinguished by a resilience based on its cognitive flexibility.

It is a multifaceted consumer profile that seeks challenges with new neural stimuli through sensory experiences and strong emotions.

With this the best strategy would be through linking them with ingenious and innovative experiences that allow the consumer to live virtual adventures in mixed worlds. 

Services or experiences such as gamification applied to retail, interactive e-commerce, or commerce in the metaverse will allow to capture the attention of this consumer by communicating, playing, working, buying, and learning.

It is important that we always consider the new guidelines and needs of the market, making a correct analysis to adapt and maintain the validity of our value proposition. 

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