Stella & Stella – Fashion and Art

Do you already know Stella McCartney’s new collaboration with Frank Stella? 

We tell you all about this union between fashion and art.

Stella McCartney is a renowned designer in the world of sustainable fashion. Within her career she is well known for her artistic collaborations. One example was her 2020 typography collaboration with icons such as Olafur Eliasson, Jeff Koons, Sam Taylor-Johnson, Chantal Joffe and Alex Israel. 

Its more fall winter 2022 collection includes a collaboration with American painter and sculptor Frank Stella. 

Who is Frank Stella 

Frank Stella is an American painter and printmaker, recognized for his work in the areas of minimalism and post-pictorial abstraction.

The collection

Stella mentioned his love for the painter’s work from his minimalism and maximalism. 

With this, we find tailoring pieces and sculptural dresses that recreate Frank Stella’s graphic line highlighting abstraction, the play of lines and the use of collages from the 80’s with vibrant and intense colors. 

The design process was strongly based on deconstruction taken to collage, dissecting the painter’s canvases to bring them to recognizable traces of his work with which to build bold prints. 

The collection is about parallelism with the brand: the very simple and masculine side with the more explosive side. 

Stella McCartney’s work has always stood out for its sustainable applications and innovations and this time was no exception.

Among her standout pieces Stella mentions the integration of another mushroom-based Mylo bag, as well as her adaptation of discarded grape skins.

Stella’s work and her representation as a sustainable designer gives us much to talk about and one more reason to follow her path in search of new possibilities for sustainable fashion. 

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