The importance of digitalizing your business

Today we are at the dawn of a new era, the digital era. We will explain the importance of digitization in business.

In just a few years, the Internet has ceased to be a «toy for nerds» and has become a tool that has impacted the world. It has permeated the way we communicate, relate to each other, shop, and the way we allocate expenses. 

The transition of business to digital media sometimes represents a loss of personal treatment, neglecting customer service and care. However, digitalization is present, and its market penetration is getting stronger. 

Including Information and Communication Technologies (ICT’s) in business models is today an irrefutable necessity. 

A clear example is the development of web-based models, either with a minimum of physical infrastructure or offering virtual goods and services. 

What is e-commerce?

We call e-commerce the set of commercial activities of distribution, sale, purchase, marketing and information supply of products or services through the Internet.

In digital commerce there are no barriers or borders, and the geographic space does not determine the segment; many variables must be considered and, without creativity and without a differentiated value proposition, e-commerce is not as simple as it seems.

4 sections of an e-commerce

  1. The company

Here we talk about the company, the strength of the brand and the type of products and services it offers. It must reinforce the perception and trust in the company.

  1. Products and services

It is important to have a catalog of the services and products offered to customers. This is the place to include the CTA (Call To Action), which is the link to access photographs, payment center and recommendations area.

  1. Order and payment center

In this section, the customer will enter their data and delivery preferences. Payment methods and delivery conditions are offered.

  1. Opinions

This section includes the opinions of customers who have already purchased, thus offering references to new customers, strengthening transparency and trust.

Tools to strengthen an e-commerce

The most powerful tool in e-commerce is content.

The contents that are developed must be very attractive, brief and easy to understand. It is not only about text, it can also be through videos, posts, blogs, etc.

They must be developed by an expert and updated frequently.

They should be developed by an expert and should be updated frequently. They should be used to make cybernauts interested in the product or service perform an action that allows us to obtain information about it (e-mail, name, etc.), this is generally done through a CTA (Call To Action) that, through a link, takes the potential buyer to a form or data screen.

In a second moment, and in case the potential buyer is not interested, he is asked for authorization to send him offers and promotions of the company, this allows us to include him in our Big Data.

Today the big question for companies is not whether or not to have a presence on the Internet, but how to get the most out of it and make it profitable. We invite you to read our article on e-commerce formats so you can amplify the impact of your digital business.

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